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Dear Sir or Madame,


I warmly welcome to the Barrister Marian Helta’s Law Office official website.

The aim of our professional activity is to protect and represent the interests of everyone who is forced to deal with stressful, hazardous and complicated legal issue. We have been fulfilling this aim incessantly for over twenty years.


The founder of the Law Office – Barrister Marian Helta – boasts vast legal experience resulting from over twenty years’ practice in representing clients before common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, prosecution authorities and other authorities of the preliminary criminal proceedings, financial authorities as well as public and local administrative authorities.

It is a special privilege for us to deal with complex cases, with a high degree of  difficulty.


We run our clients’ cases and solve their legal problems with true passion hence every successful solution brings us joy, which we share with our clients.

Solving legal issues is our professional specialty.

By entering here you are already on a right track – our experience tells us that there is an optimal  solution to every situation, even one which appears to be a dead end.

It is my firm belief that the range and quality of the legal advice that we offer will meet your expectations and needs.


Marian Helta

Kancelaria Adwokacka Marian Helta
ul. Grunwaldzka 87/91
80-244 Gdańsk

tel: 58 346 14 56 lub 58 346 00 38
tel.kom: 502 366 556 lub 500 245 122
telefon dodatkowy: 500 245 124
fax: 58 346 14 58

PEKAO SA 43 1240 1255 1111 0000 1522 8682

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